Procedure of electing academicians and associate-members of the International Thermoelectric Academy

  • Scientists having Doctor’s degrees, monographs on thermoelectricity and disciples can be nominees for election as ITA academicians.
  • Doctors of science having essential achievements in thermoelectricity can be nominees for election as ITA associate members.
  • Specialists in thermoelectricity having outstanding achievements in thermoelectricity are elected honoured ITA academicians.
  • In case of outstanding achievements there may be exceptions to the above conditions.
  • To be included into a list of nominees for election as ITA member, one shall submit the following documents:
  1. Written solicitation with a proposal to consider a nominee for academician (associate-member). Written solicitation can be submitted by ITA academician, institution or the nominee himself.
  2. Nominee’s written consent  to be elected ITA academician (associate member).
  3. Autobiography.
  4. List of scientific publications.
  5. A copy of document on conferring Doctor’s degree.
  6. Information on disciples and followers.
  7. Other documents characterizing the nominee as a leading scientist.
  • Documents for participation in the election of ITA member are sent by E-mail or by post at the address of the ITA main office: 11, Room 806, Bozhenka Str., Kyiv 03150, Ukraine.
  • The above documents are considered by ITA Presidium for making a decision to recommend nominees for consideration at the ITA General Meeting.
  • Candidates for the election of the ITA academicians, honoured academicians and associate members address the ITA Forum with reports on their research activity.
  • ITA academicians, associate members or honoured academicians are elected at the General Meeting of Academy once in two years.
  • General Meeting is authorized to elect with a quorum more than 50%. ITA member is elected by secret vote. A candidate is considered elected, provided 2/3 of ITA members present at the General Meeting have voted in favour.
  • Elected academicians, associate members and honoured ITA academicians get diplomas and breastplates.